About us

Some need a man to go through life, or others need a woman, or a new pair of boobs, or a glass of wine every night, or, or, or….. What I need in my life is happy wagging tails, and muddy paws! Mission accomplished!

I have thirty-two muddy paws in my life. Yes! You heard me! If you are good in Maths, it means 8 dogs. I am not going to say “It just happened!” like some women to explain an unwanted or unknown pregnancy. It was a choice! Yes, Sir! No regrets there! I am enjoying the ride, every minute of it.

Why this blog? It took me over a year to think it over. I do not want to go through all the clichés, and say that I am learning every day from my four-legged ones, but I do! I am no vet, no dog trainer, but along the years I learned a lot, and if now and then, on top of making you laugh, I can help someone, then, I will have reached my goal!

Dominique and the mutts!

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