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Today I am becoming the meanest Witch of the East!

mean witch


Starting today, I am not playing nice anymore!


It just hit me this morning, or not really this morning, but last night. Last night, Maia was sick, not really sick, sick, but you know just the regular stuff, trying to throw up. I checked her throat to see if anything was stuck. Nope! We got up, she got some chicken just to see if she were swallowing and keeping the food, and she did. So, breaking news: she slept like a baby for the remaining of the night, and my beautiful brown eyes stayed wide open.


I can’t watch TV, because I swear if I hear the word “Ebola” one more time, I’ll be on the verge of a stroke, and I can’t have a stroke with my seven furry kids who need their mom! Reading was not working either, I was far too antsy. So my brain worked, and worked, and worked, and I saw the light!


Starting today, I am going to be the meanest witch of the Wild East! Honey and sugar don’t work. Maybe they did at one point, but nobody seems to have a sweet tooth these days!


I think the main issue we are having in this country – and I am not judgmental like seeing it from the outside, because I am in the inside. Not only I am part of this country, but it was my choice to live here, and I love this country. But Houston, we have a problem: NOBODY WANTS TO WORK ANYMORE IF IT INVOLVES ANY GREY MATTER’S WORK.


Examples….. From the simplest one to some more sophisticated which all ended the same way!

When I moved to this house, the land had been devastated by the previous tenant, badly. Meaning that instead of having 4 acres of beautiful fields, I had rocks and more rocks in many places. It was still a lot of grass to cut, so I tried to hire a lawn company. Right! I contacted SEVEN companies, and they all ran away faster than they came. Why? Because what they wanted was a flat surface with no interferences. They don’t want to spend any time going around rocks or using their brain to anticipate what they had to do.


From the lawn I am moving to the idea I had of a website for pet owners in the DC area. I love animals, any kind as long as they have four legs. Humans don’t fall into this category. Angelina Jolie is doing a fabulous job for kids, I am more on the Brigitte Bardot side, even if I don’t agree with her on some stuff, she is still #1 in my book for animals and I like her because she is real and doesn’t give a rat how she looks. People can make fun of her. I don’t care; she is my hero for animals.


I had the whole plan for the website, the whole structure, you know like the skeleton, and then the webmaster had to build it. Yeah right, in my wildest dreams again! I started with high school kids.  The only ones who were excited about it were the computer science teachers!


From high school kids, I went to college kids, and after placing an ad in the UMD website, I hired a senior student in Computer Science. We agreed on a fee, and I gave him 1/3 upfront. A month later, he graduated, and went back to India with my money and the money of several others, and I stayed empty handed.


From there, I went to the 30’s web people. I had an appointment with a highly recommended web gal, and we took an appointment at a Starbucks at Barnes and Noble. I was there at 10 sharp and amazingly they were only women sitting there (note: if you are looking for a guy, that Barnes and Noble was not the right place, just saying!)


I patiently waited with my laptop. Half an hour later, I started going around the shop asking if anyone was Maria. Nope! One told me though that she could be Maria if I wanted her to! So at 10:45, I sent an email to “my” Maria who replied a few minutes later: “I am going to be late!” Really Sherlock? “I’ll be there in 45”. Are you kidding me lady? So I emailed her back that she could keep her butt in bed. I need someone reliable! If only I had known.


I contacted a company recommended by a friend and they were ready to do the job but for $22,000 which was far more than my budget. Again, if I had only known……


Then someone referred me to another company, and I have to say that they got the idea, and did a very good design of it. They got me! They even offered me a payment plan since I was a friend of a friend. Of course, when everything went overboard – I am getting there! – they denied they even offered it to me despite of the emails we exchanged on that topic! I was not asking for it. They proposed it!


I was on cloud 9 with these guys….. My dream website was coming to life…. Of course they were a few hiccups like the guy working on it quit and deleted what I had sent him. But I was still very comfortable on my cloud 9!


The day came when the website was launched. With my luck, it was also the day where their servers crashed, which also meant that the 5,000 flyers that I had distributed to announce the launching were gone with the wind.


I kept my cool; you see if you know me, it takes a lot to make me become the meanest witch of the East! The design of a website is great, but what makes a website successful is that every link is tested and works.


That’s where Hell started and when I fell down Cloud 9 and kind of hurt myself in the process by losing my spirit. It’s still kind of MIA but I am working hard those days to get it back.


So members could not register, then when that was fixed, the members could not post, then they could not buy the pet deals, then when they were trying to put a picture in the “In memory of” of their passed pet, the last one who posted was giving the same picture to everyone else, and I was spending my time replying to frustrated emails from my members.  It never stopped, like ever…..


There is always the point of no return. Mine was when I had an appointment with a dog cruise company to get a deal, and was going to show them the website on my IPad. Website was gone…. Immediately I called the company, and their answer was “Really? You don’t see it in DC! It works fine here!” That little sentence was my point of no return.


Are you still with me? Four web guys later, I am confident that one day the website will be done. The last web guy who gave me like all the others the same BS for not doing the job he was hired to do, just went through a reality check and he is working on it….. slowly, very very slowly but I would be very happy if my website is totally done by Easter 2015! That’s how I lost faith in people!


The website is the perfect example how everyone takes a job, but they can’t do the job, and have an uncanny way of blaming it on you! Is there a class they teach here like “Work escape 101” or “how to learn the 1,000 reasons you can give to your client for not doing the job”? My last guy that I will keep because I am too exhausted to look for someone else gave me every excuse in the book. The only one he did not give me was that the dog ate his computer, most likely because he doesn’t have a dog.


But the thing is, I have hundreds of examples:  from the accountant I hired to do the financial part of a business plan for my new venture, and who took a template and put numbers really out of his bottom, not even realistic number but made me pay the high price for his crap.


To my vet (I have 7 dogs and 3 cats: I am probably his BEST client, okay?). September is the checkup month for my dogs and I realized that he took blood from my youngest ones but just for the heartworm test, not for the full CBC count. I did not realize that on the spot. Therefore, what do little me has to do again? To go back with my four mutts to have the freaking blood tests done. How can you do a checkup without checking out the blood? How could he have not known, knowing me for over 12 years, that I am not there to save a buck but there to keep my pack healthy?


I am tired people, tired of having to do your job when I hire you to do that specific job! And that’s my point, today, I realized – after a long sleepless night – that nobody gives a rat about a job well done, and we do not need any ISIS to destroy ourselves. We are doing it pretty well just by ourselves.


So, starting today, I won’t be sugar coating anything anymore. I started my day by saying: “you are fired” to the lawn company that I had finally found. I was wondering why my little solar lights were disappearing along the path to my house, and shame on me, I was accusing my little wild critters like the raccoons, and kept buying more lamps! I am probably the best Target customer for those little lamps! Guess what? This morning, I was in my dining room and was just looking by the window when I saw my lawn guy going over one of my little lamps, picking it up and throwing it in the bushes. I went outside, and behind the bushes I found all my little murdered lamps. That’s how I started my morning by telling him: “You are fired.” Yes I am screwing myself in the process because either I need to clone myself or I need to delegate…. I think I am going to go with the cloning thing. It seems less complicated.


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