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He never skipped a meal in his life but…..


For a few months now, I have been silent. My fingers were frozen, and my brain was not doing much better! I was and am still cyber stalked by an ex member of Zeus Corner. He insulted me, threatened me, cyber stalked me up to the point that I could not write anymore, cringing at the thought that he was going to read it, and the thought of it dirtied my writings before they were even written.

This morning again, I had two of his sick emails waiting for me, and suddenly he became irrelevant. The first thing I love to see in the morning is the wet noses of my dogs, and that’s what I was meant to talk about. So, I am back and feel darn good about it.

So, no more talks about that non sense. The sun is shining. It’s a beautiful morning, and my beautiful pack is surrounding me while Cat Stevens is singing just for me!

When you don’t see a friend for a while, you suddenly might not have much to talk about because there is SO much to talk about, and you don’t know where to start. It happened with some of my friends who are still living in Europe. With you, my readers, this is not that complicated and I will have to start with Jackson. His eyes remind me of Zeus, my Zeus who was carrying his life in his eyes, and I do believe that some of Zeus is in Jack. The difference between the two: Zeus was abused, starved and yes he was a thief, but he had excuses, so many. I don’t think he ever took a meal for granted despite of the fact that we were together for almost ten years. Jack, on the other hand, never missed a meal in his life since he was born. I know, I know. I have been by his side for the whole ride since his birth.

Jack grew on me, and sometimes we have eerie moments together when he is taking over my feet as a pillow or give me that look while having his head on my lap the way Zeus did. No, I am not senile, but yes sometimes, I call him Zeus.

With those eyes.....

With those eyes…..

A few weeks ago, I received a package of Ammonil for Maia. This is a medication to lower the Ph in her urine.  I did not open the package right away and just put the box on my coffee maker. And you know how it is, since I am not a coffee drinker, I forgot about it for a few days, and it started to be part of the environment. For me…. Not for Jackson!

Was he not mentally challenged enough that evening? I don’t know. I went to my bedroom, and he is usually there before me. I called him. Nothing! I knew right away that he was up to no good but I did not expect it to be that bad. I found him in the living room (only room with carpet: he likes his comfort!), with the box ripped, the plastic bottle broken, and the 200 pills missing. I mean they were not totally missing since he has thrown up all over the place. I called the Animal Poison Center (I have a lifetime membership with them, or so it seems!), packed Jack and drove to the emergency hospital.

There was not much information on overdose of that stuff with dogs. I found as well as the internist another lab who swallowed 500 pills of the same stuff. You see Jackson, you won’t be in the book of the records for that one. Another one did better than you! The dog survived…..

Jackson stayed two long days at the emergency with fluids. When I went to see him the day after, he broke my heart: his back was arched, his tail between his legs. Where was my fiery boy? That stuff could cause neurological problems and nobody really knew what will happen. I went to visit him during visitation times, called the emergency in the middle of the night to see how he was doing like any parent would.

Taking him everywhere was not the solution!

Taking him everywhere was not the solution!

It had a happy ending with him coming back home two days later. He was back to normal. I was not. I could not manage to leave him at home, so scared that he was going to find something to do that I did not think about. I finally just put him in a crate: keeping him safe as well as my mind!

Because of what he did, I looked up the info of that Ammonil stuff, also called under another name Methio-Form. The only ingredient in it is DL-Methionine, and I realized that even without swallowing drastically 200 pills, that stuff was not as harmless as I was told. My mistake: I usually research everything which goes into their stomach. I did not this time.

I also found out that another way to lower the Ph is to give vitamin C to them. My vet was not aware of it, so I took Maia to see a holistic vet who confirmed it. Within two weeks of the Vitamin C intake, Maia’s Ph went back to a normal level which had not been in years despite of the increasing dosage of Ammonil she was taking.  I have those cute little strips to test her every other day, as well as Lola who had the same issues. Let me tell you, urine collection in girls is not fun. Going after them early morning with a ladle and being able to get it when they squat is always a challenge but I am a work in progress for it!

I also discovered all the other virtues of the vitamin C for dogs. As always do not medicate your dog with anything without talking to your vet, but Vitamin C is now routinely prescribed by holistic veterinarians for a number of reasons:

-          On older dogs with arthritis: vitamin C helps maintaining the health of collagen, and therefore appears to be helpful for slowing down joint disease, hip dysplasia, and some spinal disorders.

-          Some veterinarians suggest Vitamin C before and after vaccination,

-          It’s also good as for us for healthy teeth and gums,

-          Stress.

Jackson and his Frisbee: a never ending love story

Jackson and his Frisbee: a never ending love story

Jackson is looking at me right now expectantly. Is it time yet for playtime? Yes, we will always have playtime no matter what. Dogs don’t stop playing because they get older, they get old because we stop playing with them. It won’t happen with my crew! Let’s grab that Frisbee and I promise you Jackson, I will try not to send it on the roof of the house!

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