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The Ball Keeper


I am getting worse than my mother! When she watches the news, she listened to the first few words and makes up the rest of the story by herself. In my case, your Honor, I just don’t read the whole titles: for instance, this morning, I was working in the darn yard again which is invaded by those small tiny flies which bug me more than the big ones, hold on though, we haven’t been through the cicada season yet!

Anyway, I went back home to get some anti-bugs spray. Went to my bathroom, grabbed the spray where in big letters I see repellent – I was even amazed at being so good for once to have put that spray where it belonged -. I sprayed my legs, my arms, and was going to go after the neck when I noticed the remaining of the tile “Silicone repellent for leather and suede”. No wonder I thought I smelled like my Ugg boots! For your information, the bug repellent is MIA. So I am sure that if it rains, my skin won’t even get wet but these small flies are attacking me by hundreds.

I might deserve to be attacked by all these flies, because when I bought my lawn mower last year, again, I read one word:  propelled, except that in front of the propelled was “not self”, so I have to push the darn lawn mower on over two acres, and no it’s not flat, ok? I deserve it! I should stop being in a rush all the time!

Zeus Corner, my new venture, is getting born now, little by little, and it took over 11 months of work and several useless webmasters before I found the right one,  to reach that point. The pregnancy of a mare if I am not mistaken! So, yes, now I am a bit scared but excited.  If my 30 years or more experience with dogs, cats, and other critters can help others, then Zeus Corner will have a meaning. So stay tuned for its launching date, most likely it will be in June.

I have six panting mutts next to me. It’s kind of hot, and they played Frisbee or ball according to their preferences, and are now cooling down! Of course, Jackson is still outside, and every now and then, he is barking to let me know that he would not mind a few more Frisbee throws. Dream on buddy! Did I mention anywhere that I love that boy so so much?  In French, there is a saying when something had a real meaning for you; you say it was a “white stone in your life”. I had a few white stones mostly with black labs! Jet, the first lab who entered my life, and to get his ashes when I split up with the douche-bag who was his owner, I had to trade in my kitchen table and the sideboard. Then, came Zeus, the love of my life, and now Jackson is trying to mark his territory, meaning little old me!

Play time is fun. I start with Lola in the front yard, because I trust Lola. She will never ever disobey me. Then, while she is recovering with her front paws in their bowl of water, I get Jack out while sequestering – so DC like! – the others in my office. Jack is a trip by himself. He shakes from his paws to his face when he sees his beloved Frisbee. Unlike others, he waits until the Frisbee is thrown to go after, and then after he retrieves it, he is like the winner in a horse show and does a parade all over the yard, jumping, and keeping his precious Frisbee in his mouth! Ten minutes later, he goes straight to the door to get some well-deserved water. The fight at that point is to get the Frisbee out of his mouth before he buries his whole face in the water plus a few paws.

I got them a new toy today, a big strong ball orange and blue. Immediately, when Jack saw it, it was love at first sight. I threw the ball and there he went galloping all over the yard like a Mustang! The others came out, and noticed the new toy…. It just registered into Jack’s mind like “Over my dead” body, they won’t get it!”, and here is my Jack furiously digging a hole by the house despite of my screams – I thought we already went through the fact that the Potomac Metro Station won’t start in my backyard! – but Jack, oblivious of my screaming,  put his ball at the bottom and started to cover it with leaves.  Yes, I know, I still have leaves in the yard. No good excuse… Wait a minute…. Last Fall, I had a leaves allergy. That’s a good one!

Jack is looking at me like “it’s our secret right? You won’t tell them?”  And he slowly goes away from the hidden ball, nonchalantly lies down in the grass, seemingly enjoying the sunshine on his shiny coat, but I can see it in his eyes: he is protecting his ball, and almost looks like his sister when she is in squirrel or birds mood, and lies down in the grass, waiting for a suicidal critter. Jack found a new goal in life: he is the ball keeper!

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