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Spring in Muttstown




As I always say – sometimes it makes feel as old as Tom Hanks in the Green Mile, I never understood the blabbering about Spring in DC. THERE IS NO SPRING IN DC! If we are very lucky, we might have a week of it, but most of the time we drastically go from winter to summer. Of course, this year I am right again! But go explain to the mutts – the black ones – that from one day to another, I cannot take them in the truck because it’s too hot. They don’t get it, so they go from every musical note they can imagine. I still wonder how the nearby bridge did not collapse with their howling and screaming!

This weekend, I have a photographer coming to take a picture of the mutts and me for the new website! Can’t say I am really looking forward to it. Never liked to be photographed, but no choice here! Therefore, I am working on the backyard in order for it to look half decent. The blooming trees are going to help a lot, but I added mulch – yuck – and some flowers in my Jack Daniels barrel. And I have breaking news for everyone – like Nancy Grace loves to say –: the deer are not as destructive as the mutts. I repeat, just to be sure that everyone gets it: the mutts are MORE DESTRUCTIVE than the deer. I came back with some flowers, put them on the deck, and went to work on my barrel. I turned back, and most of the flowers had disappeared, and here are the mutts, each of them with flowers in their freaking mouths – running around the yard. Are you kidding me? They did a great job, beheading a lot of my daisies, etc…. I tell you, the death penalty still exists in my yard, not called the French guillotine here though! I even saw a shy doe looking at them with horror! It could have been her breakfast!

Then, this week brought the news that the Emergency Hospital where I was taking the mutts when there was an emergency was closing, ok not closing, I change that again: it’s closing since the staff and the vets are out too, and it has been bought by someone that I despise, so my peace of mind is now gone. I just don’t like changes! That’s why I like Key West or Captiva Island in Florida: it’s too small to ever be able to change much. So mutts read the freaking memo: NO EMERGENCIES AT NIGHT OR ON WEEKENDS OR ON HOLIDAYS! Capisce? Yeah, yeah, they are all sleeping in my office or most of them. Jackson – he has to know that he is one of my favorite – is sleeping on my feet like I needed that with 90 degrees outside? It is weird though with Jackson. More and more, it seems like Zeus infused some of his personality into Jack. Jack used to be so independent. Now, I cannot move my small toe without him checking me out. First, it scared me. I thought “Wow, he is so glued to my skin that maybe he knows I am going to drop dead one of these days”, but for the time being I am here, so I guess he is just clingier. When he comes with me in the truck now, he has to grab my right arm with his paw, and we hanging there like two idiots paw in hand! I did put some limits though: I do not want him on my lap when I am in my recliner watching TV or reading. Yes, George did it on a daily basis, but it was George, and he was a good 10 lbs. lighter than Jack, and yes it makes a difference. But the thing I really love about Jack is when we go for a walk the two of us, no other dog has ever done that, and it’s the cutest thing ever as long as I don’t wear white. We usually walk along the C&O Canal, and maybe every 100 feet or so, he comes back to me like he suddenly remembered that I was at the other hand of the leash and gives me a hug! Then, he goes back to his power walk, then another hug, and another one….. Do you get the picture?  He is also the one who talks all the time, walking or in the truck, he can’t stop talking, not barking talking. And then, he has a great sense of humor. Just earlier, he was trying to get into the garage with me to go for a ride, and I got mad at him for trying, and I told him “Jackson, back. No way” then since the words did not seem to register with him, I got mad and told him “What’s wrong with you? Don’t you understand English when I had spoken everything before in French?  He looked at me like “Seriously? Are you for real?” This is my Jack. Then, when we go to bed, which is more like Noah’s Ark than a real bed, he snuggles with me, and pushes any book or Ipad out of the way if I even had the thought that I wanted to read without first scratching his ears. Kids you read them stories to put them to sleep. Jack? I have to scratch his ears, and soon he will be snoring, and bothering Charlie the cat who sleeps on the pillow next to me and has that look in his eyes like “How vile can they be?” and stretches as much as he can to show that the pillow is his, no mutts allowed on it!

The other ones are not that needy, and everyone will find his or her spot on my bed like parts of a perfect puzzle which will break into pieces by 5 am. I do have to recognize one thing: the mutts are not into slobbering kisses, just snuggling, except Maia, but Maia being my perfect Maia, her kisses are as light as a butterfly.


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