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Just one time!




Last night, Lola woke me up, standing by my bed with her ball in her mouth, panting in my face, and her eyes saying “Come on Mom, I can’t sleep…. Just one time, please…..” It was 2:15 am, and looking at her eyes, I smiled, got up, took my flash light, and the two of us went outside to play ball. The remaining mutts were sound asleep and oblivious of their Mom’s insomnia! Our only spectators were some incredulous deer looking at each other and wondering if we were for real.

Of course, it was not one. I know my Lola…. The “one only” was just to get my sorry butt out of bed but I knew and she knew that it was going to be more than just one! Still fresh in my memory the tribute the mutt’s Grandmother gave to her late dog, Gavel.  When I learned he was sick again with cancer, I thought, I wished that once, just once, if there was any miracle, it should be for Gavel who went through so much with a big grin on his beautiful face.  So Lola and I played ball for Lola, but we played for Gavel as well, who is now pain free over the rainbow. And Lola, being Lola, it was always “one more Mom, one more!”

March sucks! The weather sucks, and the only good thing about March is the Mutts’ birthday. When I say “mutts”, I hope that everyone knows by now that it’s just a gentle nickname for my bunch but that they have the most amazing background and pedigree, and that they are in fact pure and perfect Labrador Retrievers.



My Mutts turned 4 on March 21st! So, I guess they are now out of puppyhood on the paper! Of course, it was a bitter sweet birthday since one of them was missing, but I could not not have a birthday present for him as well, my George, my beautiful,  beautiful boy with always a big grin on his face. We put his picture on the table, next to the chickens, the toys, and the cream of wheat cake!



Of course, despite of everything, Jackson managed to get a bite at the cream of wheat before everyone else, and Sophie, being Sophie; she managed to get two toys: hers and George’s. She looked at me with them in her mouth…. Funny she had picked the two squirrels ones, I wonder if there is a message there from Sophie the Hunter!

My blog suffered from neglect in the past few months, and yes I received emails wondering where I had disappeared. I am around, but my fingers were frozen, or should I say my brain was numbed. I am the one who usually gets up in the morning with so many sentences already formed in my brain that my fingers sometimes are not fast enough. These months, every time I wrote, it was so painful, like overdue homework that I must have a dozen or more of unfinished articles. My heart was not in it. For the first time in my life, I could not let go of one of my dogs. I lost many furry companions but George’s death left me raw and numb.

Don’t get me wrong. I am enjoying every minute of the Mutts ‘life yes, even at 2:15 am, but with blurry eyes. I did not get cataract surgery today, just a clear mind, and it’s now time to move on. Zeus’Corner is going to come to life pretty soon, and for all the George, Zeus, Pouch, and Gavel in the world, I want to be there, and help!

Mutts, Mommy is home!


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  1. Lisa says:

    Whatever you write, you managed to always touch me so much. I am glad you are back Dominique. I can’t wait to hear about Zeus’ Corner????

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