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Don’t blame it on Bambi!


After George passed away, the household went into chaos, and I was the general manager of it! Everyone was mourning George one way or another, and I was in charge of it except for Sophie who, decided a long time ago, that she was the second in charge, and was absolutely ready to destitute me of my title, and grab it.  She wanted to be the manager of that specific chaos. After all, she was the one who lost the most on September 4th.

A month later, the mutts remembered George with a roasted chicken – his all-time favorite! -  Changes in the pack order, changes in attitude, except I have to say Zoe, who is right now in one of her blonde moments! The mutts have a huge 2 gallon bowl of water in the kitchen. In the last few days, the bowl became alive, and ended up most of the time in the middle of the tiled – Thank God! – Family room, with of course spilled water all over.  Lola was the main suspect, since she was next to the bowl the first time it happened, but I am happy to report that she was not implicated at all in the crime! Zoe, blonde Zoe is the guilty one! For whatever reason, Zoe decided that she could not go to the kitchen anymore, to drink, to eat, to try to destroy the kitchen rug, nope! But she still needed to drink, right? So a girl gotta do what a girl gotta do, and I saw my Zoe dragging with her front leg the bowl to the family room, then, resting for a second, and started drinking. This is just a Zoe moment like we are experiencing dozens in the house!

These past few weeks, I needed to make sense of the George’s death non sense, and therefore, learned a lot about Lyme. Yes, I could have done that earlier, but I just stopped beating myself up. It was too late for that.

Yes, despite of the Lyme shot, despite of FrontLine, he got infected without any signs of it until it was too late. As a friend put it not long ago: “Maybe consider yourself lucky, you could have lost more than one!” Yeah, thank you, like if I hadn’t thought about that! Seriously!

So first, let’s stop to blame Bambi for it. The deer carry the deer ticks like birds, squirrels, foxes, raccoons, groundhogs. But for the tick to get infected with Lyme, it has to first meet a MOUSE! I am sure everyone knows that but me, but if there is another clueless human being on this planet,  maybe this column will be useful! So, my title should be: “Blame it on Tom and Jerry!”

Then, the sweet little tick goes on with its life, after spending part of its journey on a deer mouse, and goes to see the wild word from the perspective of someone else, like a doe or a squirrel, then, the darn thing decided that George was a cozy home. Yes, that tick died, but another thing I did not know, it takes up to 48 hours for a tick to die with Frontline, and it can take only 24 hours to infect a dog.

George was not lucky. Something else could have helped: the heartworm test, that my previous and retired vet disgarded by telling me since you give HeartGuard to your dogs, it’s not really necessary. He just forgot to mention that the specific test will also test your dog for Lyme, and other ticks related diseases. So, please do this test every year, no matter what, no matter if you think you are doing everything right for your four-legged one. You need to have this test done.

Even my new vet told me right away that she wanted to test the mutts, but their annual checkup was close by so we decided to do everything at the same time.

So, to recapitulate, here is what I want you to know:

-          Vaccinate your dog for Lyme.

-          Use ticks collars or products which kill ticks fast (I am using Parastar Plus, which kills ticks within an hour, and is, on top everything else four times cheaper than many other products).

-          Read every notice of the product you are using. Some of these very expensive products mention that the product takes care of the ticks for 2 weeks and 4 weeks for the fleas, so you would  have to reapply it every 2 weeks if you want your dog to stay protected.

-          Do the heartguard test every year, no matter what.

-          And last but not least: GET RID OF THE MICE! I had some in my garage, and could not get rid of them until I decided to try a few months ago those plug in ultra sounds against mice, and let me tell you, it works.

Jackson has been stalking me for the last half an hour. Labs come with two pre-set alarms:

-          Meal time

-          Play time

And there is no snooze button!



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