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A quiet Muttstown!


This morning, my neighbor was at my door which of course made the mutts go berserk. It takes some effort to come to me. You have to drive even if you live next door except if you have a death wish. I am lucky enough to have the beltway by my driveway, I mean not exactly since it’s a small country road with no sidewalks and a 30 mile-an-hour speed limit, but who cares, right, about the speed limit? So rush hour I think drivers have vision problem and see 60 instead of 30! Anyway, I was just trying to give you the whole picture. Then, after facing the traffic, you have to turn into my driveway, which is long and could be quite treacherous if you don’t pay attention to the critters around.


Anyway, I am glad to report, my neighbor made it to my door without any casualty!  I haven’t seen him since the power outage last June. That’s how far we are from each other! He came to ask me if everything was ok, since he has not heard me scream “George” in the backyard for quite some time. He doesn’t even hear me scream anymore! You see, I told you, my house was quiet now, I am not lying! Even my next door neighbor, who lives a good 500 feet away from me, noticed it! I explained to him that George is not part of the pack anymore, and I did that without crying! Of course, as soon as I closed the door, I broke down, and the mutts were like: “Again? We did not do anything!”


I did realize something though with George’s death. I do not want to be happy anymore! I am not kidding. I am going to try to find stuff that makes me unhappy, no matter what. You see, each time, everything is good like it was at the beginning of September: mutts, daughters as well as my new venture which is starting to take shape despite of a marketing lady I hired and who managed to be so lame that I could have spent the money on shoes for instance, I was happy, and at the same time than being happy, I was apprehensive of what could happen. It’s a regular thing in my life, and probably in many – I don’t think I am that special! – but each time the river is quiet on my side of the world, suddenly rapids happen and take away everything.  This time, the rapids took away my George, and even though this morning, I was happy not to have him around when I spilled on the kitchen floor the doxycycline pills for Lola because his nose would have been all over the floor, far before me, I miss the darn dog in every minute of the day. I just don’t cry that much now. Niagara Falls is turning dry! Global warming or George?

At one point, I thought the mutts were going to call 911 to let them know their Mom was nuts! But we are now settling down. Yes at the beginning, it was like in the movie “Something gotta give”, where I always thought Diane Keaton was exaggerating with her crying over Jack Nicholson. Not anymore! I was the same basket case than she was:  crying at a paw print I knew was his, or any moment on the day where his absence was screaming out loud in my head.

Someone told me some time ago, that when we are getting older, we are getting stronger. Ok, she was a child psychologist, so what did she know about older beings? My answer to her was: “How many times do you think a heart can be broken? It doesn’t get better when you get older because all the old cracks in your heart reappear with the new crack and remind you they are there too!”

Don’t get me wrong though. In the pack, I think some enjoy the absence of rambunctious George. Maia is not shy anymore to get her vitamin in the morning the way she was it before when George thought I could be confused between two black heads and that he could get his vitamin twice! Jack’s motto now is: “You belong to me! I am not sharing!”. Sophie is the one who is still missing her brother.  When she goes to the backyard, she just disappears and when I went to check on her, she was by the fence, behind bushes, having uncovered their den  - George’s and Sophie’s! -. They had buried bones, carrots – yuck! – and toys just in case of bad days I guess! I recognized a toy that George had always in his mouth for a while and then it disappeared! The other mutts don’t care about the “den”, just Sophie. She digged part of it, and is now still keeping it safe. The good thing though is that she spends more and more time away from it. Do you know any lab who could resist a Frisbee? She sure can’t! Muttstown is just quieter these days!

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One Response to “A quiet Muttstown!”

  1. Ric says:

    Hey Angel Girl Dominique! Life goes on and its never easy when it does and what we do with in the new scenario is what brings meaning to us and those that are gone. Hugs to you and to each and every mutt! Hang in there girl.

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