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George is home, whatever it means…..


Lola is barking in the background, I haven’t played fetch with her yet. That girl has such an attitude. It’s just unbelievable, and her bark hurt my ears so bad!

Sophie is eating, and went this morning for her annual checkup. My vet never heard of a lab who needed to be hand fed, but she was. Yesterday was the first day where she ate by herself, and played Frisbee and was almost her usual self.

Milou, the cat, had a checkup appointment too, but sure enough, he disappeared on me before I even got the cat carrier out! Paging Milou through the house with no success of course, until I noticed his tail coming out from under my pillow in my bedroom. Big mistake Milou! You just forgot about your tail, did not you? He learned from the mouth of my vet that he was not fat, but just a big cat. OK, ok, I won’t make fun of your pouch anymore!

Just got a call this morning from the pets hospital to let me know George’s ashes were back, and I was good, did not shed a tear until I opened a card from George’s internist and saw that card where George’s paws were printed, and, yes, I lost it there.

I took Max with me for the ride to get George’s box, and George is now home, except that this time I have no solace from it, because no matter what, he should not be in that box, but should be jumping around me and trying to get onto my lap while I am typing this.

I am learning, but you know what, I wish I could learn something not over my dog’s dead body! The stuff I was putting on them for fleas and ticks was the most well known one, and the one my various vets recommended…. Explain to me why anyone could recommend a product which takes 48 hours to kill a darn tick when the tick can infect a dog in 36 hours? Does it make any sense to you, because it sure doesn’t make any to me? Especially when I found out yesterday that there are other products which kill the freaking ticks in 2 to 5 hours and are 3 times cheaper that the other stuff. My vet told me that yes they are very effective for dogs who live in ticks infested areas. Thank you for freaking sharing with me before!

The internist called me two days ago to say that George’s kidneys’ biopsy showed that his kidneys were totally destroyed, and it was from an infection, most likely Lyme. How silly of me to think they were safe between the Lyme shots and Frontline 12 months a year. No matter what, I failed my mutts.  Don’t tell me the opposite, it sure won’t make me feel any better anyway. I failed them with my ex vet who was not up to date on many things but was such a nice man. I failed them because I should have known everything on Lyme, and I did not research it until it was too late.  I just failed them. They have to trust me, I am the one in charge, and I failed them miserably, and nothing I can do or you can say will make me feel better. I screwed up George, and I will miss you forever.



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