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A new truck for the mutts!

My old truck was dying on me, and I knew it was time. Buying a new car is probably the thing I hate to do the most; therefore I try to keep my car for as long as it wants to live or almost!

I kind of knew already what I wanted, and when the sales guy asked me if I had any criteria for a SUV, my answer was: “I need to be able to fit in 8 dogs, and 3 cats in case of emergency. Tough luck for the fish, they will have to survive on their own!”  According to his look, I probably lost him before I even mentioned the fish! 5 hours later, and after a very tough bargaining, I finally got out with my new truck.  Each time I leave a dealership after bargaining for the price, even when it lasts forever, I always leave with the funny feeling that they got me! Zoe got to be the first one to ride in it since she went to sleep at my daughter’s, Jessica. But I have to say, by far, Jackson is the one who seems the most interested in it. His eyes are asking me: “Are we going yet? Are we going yet?”

I wish that sometimes Muttstown would be a quiet one, you know like a long quiet river. No such luck in my town! Between Zoe’s eyes, (she is going to see an ophthalmologist in a few days to have a diagnosis. Her pupils don’t seem to dilate at all which would explain part of her behavior. I said part of it!) and the leak in my basement which is the latest catastrophe at the house, my emergencies calendar is full for a few weeks. Be gentle please with me. That’s what I said to the piglet I found on the side of the road a few days ago. No, he did not come home to live happily ever after with the mutts. I found where it came from, and it went right back there.

This month should go to the emergency category: WATER!

Yes, I have the leak in the basement. Then, this morning, since there was no more pressure coming out of the faucet, I knew it was time to change again the darn filter of the well. I do that as a pro. I mean that’s what I thought until now! I turned off the little handle to cut off the water coming out of the well, turn on one faucet to remove any left pressure, and open the darn thing right? Yes, indeed, except that this time the little handle was broken and did not even give me an advance notice, meaning suddenly Niagara Falls happened in my basement, giving me the best shower ever. I know my sneakers needed a wash but still. I ran for my life going to the fuse box, and since I did not have my glasses, lost somewhere in the house, I turned off all the fuses, and miracles happen:  the water stopped coming. Filter was promptly changed, and I put a notice on the emergency part of my brain to call the well guys to replace that little nasty handle!

Oooppppsss yes, I was going to forget that a nasty branch broke some of the roof tiles, and stains just appeared in the cats ‘room who looked at me like “Seriously? Aren’t you supposed to take care of us? This is not acceptable. You are fired!”, and slowly walked away from the scene of the crime.

My youngest daughter, not long ago, was complaining that nothing comes easy, and you have to fight for everything! Yep, that’s darn right baby! Just talking about the UPS guy who came to my house to deliver two bottles of California wines that I receive every month, thank to my oldest daughter. Huge change at UPS, not only they don’t leave the package at my front door but I have to be there to sign, and I am not kidding, he told me I had to be over 21 (thanks, but no thanks!) and sober! At 10 am, sweetie, it might be 5 o’clock somewhere, but not on the East Coast! I almost thought he was going to get a breathalyzer from his truck, but even if he suspiciously looked at me, he did not suggest it. How could I convince him that I was just regular me, nothing special, and my glass of wine comes at 6:00 pm not at 10:00 am!

George got lucky or unlucky this week. Yesterday was his 4-mile-dragging-me-walk along the canal, but since Jackson interfered with him in the garage, and the two of them got grounded, Sophie was the one to come. Sophie has the brain in the family, but her brain went almost MIA when she decided to say good morning to a huge snapping turtle. I saved her nose by an inch, and she looked at me like “what’s wrong with you? Can’t you see I was saying hi to that lovely creature?”

George, my George, is sleeping on my feet while I am typing this. He is so scared I could just disappear on him that no matter what, he always has to be on top of some part of me! At one point, this morning, we are going to go our different way for a few hours: I have an appointment that I am dreading: with my brand new lawnmower. My old one just exploded into pieces last weekend, and the moron I am did not figure out that the new one I bought is a “push” one. I can’t wait for the fun to start! I can’t! Before, my old one was nicknamed “the little engine which could”, this one might just be “the little engine’s owner who could”. I hope I do!



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