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Day 8 of Prozac for Caramel the Cat!

Video of Zoe or the crossing of the hallway this morning!


My day started with Lola screaming in my years that she was hungry! I swear her bark hurts my ears so bad that I would never put her on a bridge, in fear of the bridge collapsing from the screeching vibes her bark emits!  It doesn’t take my long to get up when she opens her mouth! Everyone follows me even Charlie the cat ready to eat. Of course, left behind, and making screeching noises too – the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree! – is Zoe. These days, she does not forget anymore how to climb stairs but crossing the hallway wood floor to go downstairs since like the crossing of the Red Sea for my Zoe. So stuck in my bedroom, she screams! Usually, I take the time to make her come handing her a hand which is no use for her, but shhhhhh she doesn’t know it! This morning, Lola was barking again from downstairs and stuck between the two barks, I went downstairs, thinking that at one point, Zoe will figure out how to do it like she has been doing it hundred times before!  Sometimes, I wonder if I should not write a press communique to let everyone know – especially Hollywood – that in case they want to make a K9 remake of “50 first dates”, Zoe is ready to fit into the shoes of Drew Barrymore!

On my grave, that I won’t have, it could have been said “She lived for all the furry critters orbiting around her!” Yesterday, I learned the death of a great lady. I knew her for over 30 years, and treasured her. She was 95 and I am sure was greeted on the other side by all the cats who crossed her life at a point or another. Cats, books, plays, and swimming! Even in her 90’s she was free spirited. I am sure going to miss that smiley voice she had, no matter what. She never complained about anything, losing eyesight was probably the worst blow for her with her walls covered books which  became obsolete. Georgia, you were without any doubt the coolest Lady I had ever met on this planet. You were a true treasure!

This morning, the bucks were waiting for me outside. One, always the same one, was looking around the house to figure out if food was coming or not this morning! Of course, as soon as I got out with my bag of corn mixed with molasses, they all backed out. The guys deer, yes I know the word is buck, are such wussies! The does seem to be MIA this summer. I wonder if there are any hunters around. I saw three fawns only this summer, and does are in small numbers. It used to be the other way around. Let’s not go there, I don’t want to think about it. Don’t tell me anything about overpopulation of deer or I am going to mention overpopulation of humans, the only predators I know who kill for killing. Anyway, this morning, I realized that my bucks have to be superstitious: there were thirteen of them and each time the 13th wanted to have his breakfast, the others were kicking him out! It has to be that, they just did not want to be 13 at the open buffet!

Zoe finally managed to go downstairs. I heard a commotion in the stairway. There is only Zoe to make so much noise wherever she goes!

Cats and dogs being now fed, I went to take care of the last one: Caramel my Prozac cat. Day 8 of Prozac: Caramel now greets me rolling on his back on Jessica’s bed. Did I mention that he is in rehab (Jessica’s ex room) to learn that the bathroom is the cat litter box and not any spot he seems appropriate to mark his territory, like Jessica’s brand new sofa. I am glad that suddenly he sounds happier even if its chemically induced! Who wants a cat who spends his time, terrified under a bed, and since his return to my house, his only goal was trying to get me! Hey I was the bad guy who took him away from his beloved Jessica!

He still does weird stuff, let me tell you! He pushes his bowl of water in the middle of the room, spilling water all over the place, thank you very much! He put his paws into the bowl to clean them up from any litter, and when he drinks he must spill out some food too. So, the bowl of water is just the more disgusting thing I clean in the morning! A few days ago, I opened the door so fast that I saw him pushing the bowl of water with his head! Anyway, no matter what, it feels good to see him in peace with himself, and with little me as well!

Now, Muttstown is quiet: with full tummies, everyone is now sleeping!



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