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Let it be!




After ending my last blog ( I promised myself that the only thing worth writing about was animals, wild and tame, or sometimes both at the same time!

That was before the big storm. I almost feel like I am in a George Clooney movie! It’s not that I like to talk about people, I honestly don’t think I can learn anything anymore from them, but I just don’t like to be taken for an idiot, and that’s what Pepco that big powerful company is doing. When we got that storm five days ago, I was patient. I knew I was not the only one – far from that! – And even though for me, it was a bit worse than most of the other families, I stayed quiet. Yes, I don’t have power, but most important, I don’t have water either since I have a well. When you have eight mutts, water is a big thing! As I am sweating like a pig while writing this, I am still fuming. I think it’s time for politicians and huge companies to realize that American people are not stupid.  And, trust me on that one, they do believe it.

As I said, I was extremely patient at the beginning. I was patient for 3 days, and honestly I could have been patient for more! But when Pepco called me at 3:30 am to let me know that my power was restored when it was not, I am just human, and I got pissed! The next morning, I woke up thinking that maybe I was special and that everyone else around me at power but me. Unfortunately, when I went to check the wires down a block away from me, they were still down. So, what a normal human being does at that point? They call Pepco. And I heard that the wires were fixed so if I had to have another outage, and I had to report it again, and I would be at the bottom of the list? Are you serious Lady? You see, that’s my issue? Do not take me for an idiot. I am always ready to hear reality talks but not bull crap!

The same morning, I went to see my neighbors to let them know – in case they did not – that they have to report the outage again. My next door neighbor’s wife is presently in ICU for a stroke, so he is not into any bull crap either.

I wrote not long ago about the shelter where I went to see if my friend’s dog was there and how I saw hopeless dogs. It broke my heart, and honestly I just wished I was a millionaire, not to buy a fancy car, just to rescue as many dogs as I could. But that hopeless feeling just kicked me in the butts, thank to Pepco. Suddenly, I lost hope to have the power restored any time soon, and my needs changed drastically. Now,  I associate myself more with foxes or coyotes that go out at night to support their family. I am starting to have a routine. At 6:00 am every day, I go hunting for ice. After I hit a few stores, and find some, I come back to my pack with my prey. Fill my freezer with it, and then go back hunting for water. While I am typing this, I have a neighbor having fireworks. I hate fireworks and I have hated them since I had dogs. It gets my pack so antsy and crazy. After getting the water, I feed the mutts and we start our day.

I have several options to start my day:

1/ Pepco is high-tech now, so I can go to my dying IPhone and check the status of my account: it never changed: Outage cause unknown (yes morons, I reported the darn down wires a dozen of times only! Then, the verdict for the day is: outage not assessed yet.) It’s too depressing, so I call Pepco, because Pepco is telling you to call them. They want you to feel loved. It’s almost like a 900 number…. “Talk to me baby…. Talk to me…. You are going to feel so good about it!” Calling Pepco is a challenge. You have two options:  talk to a live person (I mean Pepco hired people all over the US to tell you that power will be restored on July 6th at 11:00 pm), but to tell you this, they put you on hold like they are checking something on your account. I put a note in the back of my mind to know how they brainwash their people, since I have to do something with Jackson, who is such a free spirit that he doesn’t give a damn about what I say! So basically, if I want to feel good about the day, I have to hope that Pepco is so overwhelmed with calls that instead of talking to a live robot, I will have a robotic voice instead. From far, the robotic voice is my favorite because every single time I call, it says: “a crew should be assigned shortly to your outage”. It gives me hope. Ok, ok, it has been the same message for the last six days, but it still gives me hope. Does it?

So, if I were Donald Trump, I would say: “Pepco, you are fired! Your PR thing sucks. Do not pretend to be high tech when you never update anything on your app or website and stick to the July 6th 11:00 pm. And by the way, if as you stated on your website you gave back power to 90 % of your customers, my neighborhood should be flooding with your trucks, right? I mean, it makes sense! So where are they? Because they sure are not anywhere around, and I drive around in order to charge my IPhone in order to see your stupid app which gives me the same stupid message every time I check: Outage not assessed yet.

Fireworks are scratching the sky everywhere. Remind me, what are we celebrating exactly? I just can’t remember, you see, I am back to primal needs right now. As well as my eight mutts.


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  1. John R. says:

    True dat! (But, really, nothing to learn from anyone any more? I am hurt!)

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