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A movie with the mutts





I don’t like to go to theaters. Yep! I cannot stand being surrounded by noise: chewing popcorn, candy wrappers, soda gulping, then getting up because one needs to pee, then the spilled drinks, anyway, I am not judging anyone but I just avoid theaters! I like to see movies quietly at home with nothing than the screen and I! Yeah, right! That was BM (Before Mutts)!

Yesterday, I rented “The Grey” with Liam Neeson. I was first reluctant to watch it because I heard that there were very graphic fights with wolves, and you know me, or not, but I just can’t stand – even if it’s fake – animals killed in movies or anywhere else as a matter of fact! If people kill each other in the movies, I don’t care; just don’t mess up with animals. A friend of mine told me that the deaths were more on the humans side, so I decided to watch it.

That evening, I was quietly in bed with mutts around sleeping. The wolves howling started right away, and as soon as it started, Zoe started to lift her head, then another one, then another one, and I just decided I was too tired to deal with them and Liam Neeson at the same time, and turned off the TV.

The next morning, I thought it was stupid to pay $ 4.95 and not see the darn movie. So, after feeding the mutts at 5:30 am, I headed back to my bed, and was hoping for a quiet moment between my TV and I! As soon as I lied down, an ongoing fight over my body started between Sophie, Jackson and George. George decided a long time ago that he is the only one, who could sleep, not by me if you please, but ON me! Sophie doesn’t discuss it as long as she has my right shoulder, but Jackson, who sleeps in a crate at night – I am not going hurt his feelings publicly today – wanted more of my attention. Normal! He had not seen me for 6 hours!  Keep in mind that I was trying to see the first few minutes of the movie at that time. Zoe jumped aboard as well, but Zoe doesn’t care if anyone has the spot she wants, she just drops where she wants to be, and too bad for the one underneath!

The only ones behaving were Max (sleeping on the pillow next to me) Lola and Maia sleeping in their respective beds and Sammie in his! The others were just a train wreck ready to happen! They just did not want to settle down. Sophie was showing her teeth to Jack, ok she does have perfect teeth, Zoe was growling at George who was trying to extricate himself from underneath…. I had the supposedly great idea of sneaking carrots out of the fridge just in case. The “in case moment” was just happening now, so I handed a carrot to everyone.  And for a few more minutes, I couldn’t hear the howling overshadowed by the chewing of the carrots…. I just thought it was not going to end except by turning off the TV. When, suddenly, Zoe stood up yep! On her four legs, and she barked loud and clear. I have no clue what she told them, but suddenly, they did not argue, and George, Sophie and Jackson left my bedroom. Zoe, went to the end of the bed to be as close as possible to the screen, and we watched together the movie, without a sound, not even from her, while Max, Lola, Maia and Sammie, totally oblivious of what was going on, were taking their first nap of the day.

The conclusion of all that: as usual, I don’t agree with most critics: it’s a movie to see….. ONCE! It will never be one of my “comfort movies” but it was a movie to see! And Zoe agreed with me: her favorite movie is still “Secretariat”!

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