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Sunny day in Muttstown


I need to mow my field today. I live in the real world, and would never call the green stuff surrounding the house a lawn, at the best: a field. I just don’t think it can be called a meadow, but anyway, my little lawn mower is ready to go, and is trying to survive another mowing session! I am talking about a fearless lawn mower. It’s not big, it lost some of its attributes, but ferociously, each time, goes for the grass, bad seeds and everything else on its path.

We have rules in this house: the front yard is mainly for wild animals such as deer, foxes, raccoons, squirrels, chipmunks, birds. The only one not welcome is a hawk which is coming now and then. Breaking news for that hawk: my front yard is not your pantry! Go away! The backyard is for my mutts! Since two of my labs are sunbathing on the deck with a fan I just turned on for them, and a huge bowl of water mixed with ice cubes, I just decided to go to the front first! By the way, I never understood why Maia, a black lab, and Jack, another black lab, love so much to lie down in the sun! It should be hotter for them being black, but no, they just love it!



My little engine ready to go, I went to the front, and realized right away that today or at least this morning was not going to be the day! I had a demonstration of deer, mostly bucks I have to say. The does are probably busy with fawns now. Just kidding, they don’t tend to their babies more than twice a day, I believe. Nature is really well done: the best protection for the fawn against predators is to be left alone in a field. They have no scent when they are young, so the moms leave them at a place, come back later on to feed them, and move them to another spot, and so on, until they become toddlers and can follow the others around. So, if you even see a fawn left alone in a field, do not disturb it! If the fawn is still at the same place 2 days later, then, it probably means that something happened to its Mom, but until then, do not try to help. You will do just the opposite.

Everything is peaceful in Muttstown today. Bucks are looking at me, wondering if I am going to interfere with their wanderings. The big woodpecker is not attacking my front door but a block of suet J and the squirrels being squirrels are like little bees busy stealing all the birds food they can! One of them is upside down on the birds feeder, shaking violently that thing to help spill the feed on the ground while a few others of these rascals are stocking up food for bad days! The chipmunk is driving me dizzy, running back and forth between food and its nest. And a blue jay decided to make the birds bath its own private swimming pool, not allowing anyone to even think about putting one of their delicate feet in the water.

I got the message clear and loud from everyone this morning: do not bother the growing grass, the wild flowers or any living creatures! Let us enjoy the day! Jackson is just barking at the door to come inside and goes straight to the fridge where he knows I have chicken broth ice cubes for them, which of course wake up all the other ones. Food, food, food, no matter what it is, is always worth the bother of getting on their four feet to get it! We are talking energetic labs today!

As I say, life is good in Muttstown today in the four-legged world, and I am left with the chore that I was trying to keep away from me: cleaning my desk which had been under attack by a mountain of paper!


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