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Meet Sophie!


How could I have forgotten about it ? Yesterday, I bought a beautiful hibiscus plant that was so perfect on the deck. It had three glorious orange flowers in full bloom! This morning, I turned the mutts lose in the backyard as usual, and quite to my horror, I looked around, and see Sophie finishing swallowing the third flower. She gave my hibiscus a radical haircut let me tell you! Then, memories came back of last year, and how she was stealing the flowers one after the other!

It was like a déjà vu thing. I went back to Google to be sure again that the flowers were not toxic for dogs, and sure enough, there were posts of frustrated owners of Labrador Retrievers and their hibiscus plants! So, I told Sophie: “ok sweetie, go ahead, you can eat them!” Are you kidding?

I named Sophie after children books written by the Countess of Segur. In a few of her books, she had  a little girl, named Sophie, who was extremely mischievious. Sure enough, my Sophie is the same way! She is probably the smartest one of the bunch of brothers and sister. Sometimes, I could almost hear her brain working!

She was also the puppy that everyone wanted because of her color: reddish blonde! Of course, she was the only one I did not want to let go of!

When they were little, and even now, I am afraid to acknowledge, Sophie loves to torture her brother Max, who was the runt of the litter, and still the smallest one. That poor guy was afraid to go outside to do his business because as soon as he was out, Sophie the troublemaker was jumping on him. So, Max decided not to go out anymore when Sophie was. My smart cookie Sophie realized it, therefore what does a smart girl do? She goes to hide behind a tree! And sure enough, Max goes out, not seeing her, and he doesn’t even have time to lift his leg that she is on him!

There is one thing I have to recognize in Sophie: she loves to help! Some time ago, Max was always having a tantrum when I was leaving, and he was screaming at the door leading to the garage each time. It did not take long to Sophie to put her nose where it did not belong! As soon as Max was crying, she was holding him by his tail and dragging him away from the door. No, please don’t call PETA on me, I did not allow any abuse from Ms. Sophie, and she minds me…. Kind of!

You know when you are at a shrink and they made you associate words with other words (I mean, that’s what I saw in some movies!), if I hear Sophie, I now think: troublemaker, smart *ss, smart, funny, piggy, thief…. Do you need more?

Then, being a girl, she always likes to argue with her sister, Zoe. They have been since they were puppies! It’s especially true just when I fix their meals: the two sisters argue so much. Sophie is biting Zoe’s neck and talking, and I swear if I could translate it, it would be: “I’m going be fed before you! I have more food than you do! I’m gonna be fed before you!” It is in fact an absolute lie: they are both fed at the exact same time. True though, Sophie gets 4 cups of food a day, and Zoe three. Sophie is what you can call a skinny bitch! Ok, ok, she has a high metabolism! Speaking of skinny bitch, not long ago, I went to a liquor store to get the “skinny girl Margarita”, and sure enough, I ask them where were the skinny bitch margarita! I guess it might be why the guy carded me. When he asked me for my driver’s license, I thought it was cute, and I laughed, but then he refused to sell me the skinny thing if I did not produce my ID. It was not cute anymore at that time, just abuse of power by someone stupid!

Speaking about toxic stuff for dogs, it might be a good idea to remind everyone what’s really bad for dogs and cats. I had no clue for instance that grapes were bad for dogs! I always give them apples, strawberries, why not grapes? Now, I know!

Here is a great site to remind you what you should be concerned about for dogs and cats:

I have a life membership to SOS Poisons for animals. If you have a pet, that number should be on your speed dial or at least or your fridge (888) 232-8870. I crack up when I see their magnets “Please be advised there is a pet incident fee”, but you can go with a yearly fee as well!

Sophie knows when it’s her turn to get a treat or a fish oil. I do it in pack order, not really, just by age. Older ones first, then the mutts starting with Sophie, and she knows it! As soon as I give Maia her thing, I see the so intelligent warm eyes of my Sophie in front of me waiting for hers! She has a way to come to the first row when it’s her turn, then of course, she turns around to try to steal the one Zoe gets!

You just had the privilege of meeting Sophie, my smart a** girl, my tomboy who loves to run with the boys, but at night, she comes to me, and snuggles on my shoulder with her trusting eyes, and it just can’t get better than that!


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  1. Laura says:

    You’re back! I can’t wait to read more stories about your “mutts”!
    I missed you! We missed you! You go girl!

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