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Zoe and her blonde moments!


At 4 am this morning, she started serenading me! Meaning: Zoe, one of the mutts, a beautiful yellow girl with doe eyes, had forgotten again how to climb the stairs, and was screaming for help! There are two ways of handling it: if I am really tired, then, I just put the pillow on my head, and at one point, she will remember that she knows how to go upstairs, or if I am too exasperated by her voice, then, I go downstairs and push her butt until she gets the idea.

This morning, the choice was the pillow, and sure enough, half an hour later, she jumped on the bed and landed on me usually where it hurts! Then, she gave me a few kisses, like two hundred, and then turn around a dozen of times on the bed to make it softer, and lied down. Of course, that’s exactly at the moment where I needed  to get up and  seeing her cozily sleeping,  I just did not have the heart to move her, then I was late! Blame it on Zoe!

Feeding the mutts goes fast, hey, they are labs meaning that whatever trick I try to find to make them chew and not gulp down their food, it just doesn’t work, and they are usually done in 2 minutes. They then get their fish oil, and kitchen is closed and I say it loud and clear.

Zoe is my special need gal! In the wild, she would never have survived. The other mutts would have taken away from her any food she could have had, but in my house with strict rules, she has a full meal twice a day. Zozo, as we call her, doesn’t know like the others how to eat. She doesn’t use her tongue, but only her mouth to pick up the food, so it takes longer, and she makes more funny noises than the others. Fortunately, my daughter, Jessica, moved out and doesn’t have to hear anymore the mutts’ noise at meal time and have a fit!

I am not even done with washing the dishes that the cats all come to me, even Caramel, the Prozac one, to protest. Jackson had just decided he needed to settle his stomach a bit more, and went to steal the cats’food.

But to go back to Zoe, I do think that because of a head trauma at 2 months old,  her brain connections are all messed up. She fell from a couch, and despite of the fact that we took her to the emergency and they couldn’t find anything, that’s when she started to change.

Little, she was the smartest one of the bunch, managing to get out of the whelping box the first one, and being like a little monkey playing around. We nicknamed her Blondie! And she did have her blonde moments! From Blondie, she became Zoe when it was obvious we were keeping the mutts.

Zoe who doesn’t really look like a lab and sometimes I had wondered if Lola, the mom, did not have an affair with the postman’s dog!  Zoe has so many blonde moments in her daily routine! Because of her, I do not clean very often my glass door which opens into the backyard.  So many times, she did not realize the glass was there, that you can see now every nose, every angry paw on that door! Isn’t that the best excuse ever? LOL!

Being such a sweetheart, you would believe that she can’t really hurt you, and if she does, it’s not on purpose but one of her “disconnections” leads her not to realize the power of her mouth, and she would cut off one your fingers without noticing it. Because of that, she became a champion at catching a treat in her mouth when I throw it at her! Best catcher ever, that’s Ms. Zoe!

Does she know she is kind of a gal? Not sure about that one either! When she goes to pee, she pees like a girl, but at the same time, lifts one of her back legs and still tries to walk. She doesn’t multitask real well and lands on her stomach pretty often! Sophie and Lola get really upset when Zoe try to hump them like she were a boy, but still keep their cool. It’s another story when she tried to do the same to her brothers. Their outraged look says it all!

In a way, that’s why she is my special gal, she lacks coordinating skills, that’s for sure, but at the same time, she is so sweet. When I look at her eyes, I feel like a ferocious Mama Bear. They said it all: the love, the confusion, and the love again. She watches TV, and no, I am not kidding. If I turn off the sound, she will still watch a movie, I mean if she likes it. As of today, Secretariat is still the movie she loves the most. When he races, she does it with him, jumping and barking on the bed to help! The bad side of it is that she hates Matthew McConnaughey and as soon as his face comes into the screen, she goes after the TV, and fearing for the TV, I have now officially banned any movie with him. It was not too hard to do anyway! Getting mean here!

I witness every day the miracle of Zoe and her blonde moments, her tenderness, her trust, and her unconditional love. Yes, I said it before: she is my special child!



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