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The lady bug and I!

For the last few days, I have been sharing my bathroom with a lady bug. I can’t tell you how great of a bathmate it is! My bathroom is my sanctuary, away from the mutts! If I can ever design a bathroom one day – it has to be pretty soon since I am not getting younger! – I would design a zen bathroom and yes, I will probably offer that lady bug to be part of the fixture. The mutts? Are you kidding?

They are really funny in a way. Every morning, I close my bathroom door on them and spend some quiet time with myself! I guess I perfected the art of taking a shower in no time after reading “Cheaper by the dozen” years ago! No matter what, when I close the door, the mutts get nuts, like if they knew I had an invisible door somewhere which could allow me to get out without their knowledge. Every morning, they scratch, bark, trying to make me spend less than the 5 minutes shower that I usually take. I have no clue if they have realized, three years later, that no matter what, I will not come out earlier, but that morning, instead of the usual barking, they started howling! And yes, they totally freak me out! Eight dogs howling? I thought one of them was on the verge of dying or something! So, yes, I jumped out of the shower, dripping water everywhere, got out, and of course landed on my derriere slipping on the floor! The good news: the dogs were all right! And I am now carrying the bruises – this is so true that when you get older, you bruise so much more! – of the howling! So, sue me, but I do like my lady bug in the bathroom. It brings peace, and loveliness. Of course, I did not want it to starve to death, so I went to Google – who needs a husband when you have Google! – to be sure that I will not have its death on my conscience. They like roses! That was easy enough!

Once everyone is fed, my day starts! This morning though, it started with a demonstration from the cats! The three of them on my kitchen counter meowing! No, I am not starving them to death, but they don’t like their new food, and now and then, they try to convince me to open a can…. No success there! Since I switch them to a grain free food, they have been unhappy. My cats are junk food lovers, and no matter what, they don’t want to hear that it’s a better food for them! But I am tough, and once they realize they have been ignored, they go back to their regular routine, and let me go back to mine!

A buck just appear in my front yard, and usually I give them corn in the evening, but he is my special one who had been hurt by a trap somewhere, so here was the food for the day. No matter what, kitchen will be closed after! I know that the area is overpopulated with deer, and  yes overpopulation because the lack of predators, yes, but also because we are destroying every single green spot we still have in this county! They have no place to go. A long time ago, a good friend of mine, Native American, told me that at one point, he was hunting deer, and his grandmother had told him that one day he will stop hunting when the animals will talk to him. He thought that she was crazy instead of being wise. Then, one early morning, a beautiful buck appeared near him, and while he adjusted his rifle to kill him, the buck heard him, turned his head and looked at him and did not move. It was the day where he stopped hunting, and started enjoying them. I know everything you can tell me about deer: they eat your flowers; they bring ticks, etc…. I do not care. They bring beauty and peace in my life, and they will stay that way. If my land is the only place where they will be safe, then let it be! As I always say, I never met an animal (I mean four-legged-ones) who did not like me or who wanted to hurt me (no, I did not meet any polar bears!) but humans are by far the worst predators. They kill for no reason while animals kill to eat! Kind of a different approach in my book! So, life is good in Muttstown!

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