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I had a dream


It has been almost 12 years since I went there. My skin still crawls remembering. But that’s where I saw him, fell in love, and took him away from that Hallway of Despair, and we lived happily ever after for nine and half years. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I am talking about Zeus!

Today, I went to Humane Society to check if the dog of an acquaintance could have been there. I did not do it for the acquaintance in question, but for the dog. His owner did not think he could be there, and decided not to go. I decided that even if there was a risk in a million, it was worth checking, not for the owner, but for the dog.

As soon as I opened the door to the kennel, it just hit me, that feeling of despair. They were watching me, coming hopeful by their gate, looking at me “Are you taking me home? Please…..” And then, backing out in their crates, instantly feeling that I was not the one, and they had no energy to spend on me.  From hopeful, the eyes became hopeless and sad. Then came the howling of one. Yes, there were many pit bulls, but a Great Dane stared at me and went back to staring at his paws, a puppy lab, a boxer, a German shepherd and so many mutts were silently praying that I was the one, and I was not.

What’s wrong with people dammit? Can’t they figure out that a dog, a cat, a bird, any living being is not for Christmas or a birthday or a graduation, but is there for life? The dog I was looking for was not there, and I left the place as drained as I haven’t been in a long time. How can you trust someone with a kid when they can cowardly just  abandon a defenseless animal there? We can’t even manage to have a national database for guns owners so one for irresponsible coward pet owners will never ever exist, and that’s too bad. I dream of a world where someone who wants to buy that cute puppy, and see his or her application comes back with a red “denied”. Yep, I know I must have a case of extreme delirium or something!

I went back to my mutts, and no I did not tell them they were lucky, but the dreary eyes I saw this afternoon were imprinted in my mind for the remaining of the day.

I have a dream…. But today reality hit, and it became shattered.



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One Response to “I had a dream”

  1. Ric says:

    Its the hardest place to go when you arent a rescuer of puppies! Sometimes you hear stories like my bud in Texas that has more than one kind of Cancer marching into a shelter and achieving kismet with a precious little soul and now living as happily as long as they can ever after.

    I got pictures of happy puppy to make me smile about that one. Thanks for reminding me that the other side is still there. Sigh

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